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Your LinkedIn Leads Automated

Do you know that LinkedIn generates 85% of B2B leads on social media? Imagine the potential of automating your LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

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Our Solutions

Leadseeder offers a range of solutions tailored to enhance your LinkedIn lead generation and outreach strategy.

Grow your Network with Extreme Personalisation

Effortlessly send personalised messages to 1st contacts, Leverage our wide array of standard and custom variables, and flexible message templates, all accessible through our intuitive smart editor.

Manage Leads in Dashboard

Manage your LinkedIn connections and lead funnel with an inbuilt convenient CRM system that allows you to do everything.

Automated Connection Requests, Message 

Automate your connection requests on LinkedIn and effortlessly send personalized messages to your connections, nurturing relationships at scale with Leadseeder's automation capabilities.

Above Limits and Blocks

Generate your leads without worrying for weekly/monthly invitation limits and fear of account getting blocked.

Build Multiple Flows

Whether you want to start visiting profiles and move on to inviting them or send your first 'Hello!', you can build any custom sequences of automated actions on LinkedIn and control each step.

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