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Safest LinkedIn Automation and Prospecting Tool for Lead Generation 

Make LinkedIn your #1 acquisition channel with Leadseeder. Automate connection requests, messages, and profile visits. Boost your outreach and generate high-quality leads effortlessly on LinkedIn. Enhance your professional networking today for free.

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LinkedIn Prospecting

Become an industry leader with Most 

Reliable LinkedIn Automation Features

Leadseeder is a simple autopilot for LinkedIn that Save over 10+ hours per week and book 2x more meetings

Grow your network

Send personalised automated connection requests on LinkedIn, Message hundreds of 1st degree connections in bulk, visit hundreds of profiles automatically.

Build personal funnels with chains of messages

Whether you want to start visiting prospects and move on to inviting them or send your first "Hii", you can build any custom sequences of automated actions on LinkedIn and control each step with personalized messages and custom delays.

Smart replies detection

It ensures that no leads gets a wrongful automatic LinkedIn message: if any prospects messages you from the campaign, they will be removed from the campaign.

Campaign performance in dashboard

Dashboard lets you analyse various important metrics including the number of LinkedIn profile views & search appearances, your social selling index and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

Cloud Base

This means that your computer does not need to be turned on for lead generation. It operates in the cloud 24 hours a day.

Advanced limits and working hours

Customize the maximum number of actions daily. Our software manage 100 invites and 150 messages daily. All this and we guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account.

Empowering Professionals

Automate you lead generation on targeted prospects by creating a simple campaign


Send automated connection request. Scale your marketing through automated follow-ups


Network with like minded founders in your industry and generate leads. 


Grow your  talent pool. 
Recruit the best talent through LinkedIn automation.

Sales Teams

Pack your schedule with cloud-based technology. 
No tech expertise needed. 

Generate Leads in 4 easy steps


Import Prospects from LinkedIn

Search for your target users on LinkedIn. Use Leadseeder chrome extension to import these prospects effortlessly into your dashboard. You can import prospects from LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Events and 1st degree connections.


Open Dashboard and Create Campaign

Open the Leadseeder dashboard. Here, you can see all your imported prospects. To convert these prospects into leads, click on the "Create Campaign" button. You can see analytics of your campaigns in the Dashboard.


Select List and Personalize Actions

Select a prospect list. Customize your LinkedIn automation sequence by adding actions like profile visits, connection requests, and personalized messages. Set delays between actions.


Launch and Automate

Click "Start Campaign" to launch. Now, you can enjoy a bowl of soup while Leadseeder handles all the manual LinkedIn tasks, boosting your efficiency and saves you dozens of hours.

See how Leadseeder helps others increase revenue.

See how professionals have achieved remarkable results with Leadseeder's LinkedIn automation tool.

Best LinkedIn Lead generation tool
“Leadseeder has transformed the way I approach to generate leads and networking on LinkedIn. It has improved my outreach efforts and expanded my professional network. Best alternative of Waalaxy”

John Smith

Top LinkedIn automation Tools
“Using Leadseeder has been a great Linked Helper for our sales team. It's autoconnect feature has significantly empowered us to build valuable connections.”

Emily Johnson

Best LinkedIn automation Service
“Leadseeder's automation features have greatly enhanced our recruiting efforts on LinkedIn, enabling us to connect with top talent and foster meaningful relationships.”

Michael Davis

Choose your Pricing Plan

Start Automating your lead generation on a discounted price 

  • Basic

    Every month
    • LinkedIn Features
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Unlimited imports
    • 800 invitations per month
    • 100 messages/day
    • Cloud based solution
    • Chat Support 24/7
  • Best Value


    Every year
    Save $179 by grabbing this deal
    • LinkedIn Features
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Unlimited imports
    • 800 invitations per month
    • 100 messages/day
    • Cloud based solution
    • Chat support 24/7
    • Feature request

Trusted by Professionals and Businesses

  • What are LinkedIn Automation Tools?
    Linkedin automation tools are software designed to automate certain tasks that can streamline your LinkedIn activity. Besides saving you time, It help you run personalized campaigns and analyse data to help you create better versions of your campaigns.
  • What is Leadseeder?
    Leadseeder is a chrome extension which is a LinkedIn automation tool that is designed to streamline lead generation and marketing on LinkedIn.
  • Is Leadseeder a free LinkedIn automation tool?
    Yes! All features of Leadseeder are completely free to use, so you don’t have to worry about any limitations due to not paying.
  • Is Leadseeder safe to use for LinkedIn automation?
    Absolutely. Leadseeder prioritizes account safety and recommends settings like a daily limit of 50 invitations and it mimics human behaviour, ensuring a secure and risk-free LinkedIn automation experience.
  • Can I get a demo of Leadseeder and get help with setup?
    Yes! Book your demo here: 😃
  • Do I need a LinkedIn premium accounts?
    You will only need a LinkedIn premium account if you want to have access to advanced search criteria with Sales Navigator. For normal accounts, you can only use basic search criteria as provided by LinkedIn.
  • What results can I expect from Leadseeder?
    Our results so far from the average campaign: - Average LinkedIn invite acceptance rate is 40% - Average positive reply rate across different clients 5-15% Note: Every industry/profile is different. There are multiple factors like your message, LinkedIn profile optimisation, time as well as target profile, and industry.
  • Do I need to keep my browser and laptop open while Leadseeder is up and running?
    No, you don’t. Leadseeder is a complete cloud bases software that works even if you close your browser and switch off your laptop.
  • What features set Leadseeder apart from other automation tools?
    Leadseeder is an all-in-one platform that transforms LinkedIn into a powerful sales machine. Here’s how it stands out: 1) Customized Sales Funnels: Create tailored sales funnels to nurture leads through every stage of your LinkedIn marketing process. 2) LinkedIn Analytics Integration: Directly access and visualize LinkedIn's analytics for deeper insights. 3) Enhanced List Management: Add descriptions to your lists to remember important details about your contacts and track when they were imported. 4) CSV Import: Easily import contacts from CSV files, streamlining your workflow. 5) Cloud-Based Automation: Run campaigns seamlessly in the cloud, allowing you to turn off your computer while Leadseeder continues to work for you 6) Comprehensive Dashboard: View detailed analytics of your campaigns and daily usage stats. Easily track your LinkedIn activity and performance 7) Message Templates: Save and manage an unlimited number of message templates for personalized outreach. and the list goes on and on....
  • How can I build sales funnels on LinkedIn with Leadseeder
    With Leadseeder, you can build a sales funnel on LinkedIn by creating a sequence of automated LinkedIn actions including auto-connect, auto-message, auto-view profile, setting delays between actions, and launching a campaign.
  • How can I see conversion rates of my LinkedIn lead generation campaigns on Leadseeder?
    The software grants access to detailed report on your campaign performance and your daily usage stats. You can access these analytics from Leadseeder's dashboard.
  • How can I make sure messages that I send do not look automated?
    You can use 5+ variables including “first name”, “last name”, “company”, “position”, “location”, “number of connections”, “top skill”, “company location” and more to make your message or connection request note personalized.
  • Can I make sure Leadseeder won’t send the same message to the same person twice?
    You should not worry about that while using Leadseeder. The software is designed to skip a user once it detects the above-mentioned scenario, thus prevents from sending duplicate messages.
  • What differentiates you from other LinkedIn marketing tools?
    We provide you cloud-based automation tool, you dont have to keep your computer on, we will take care of the rest. Leadseeder give you a Dashboard, in which you can store leads, perform automated actions, create campaigns and build marketing funnels on LinkedIn. You can analyse the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns in our dashboard that shows your average acceptance and response rates, social selling index and more. We’ll not ask for your LinkedIn credentials. We pay huge attention to safety. Therefore, if you’re using LinkedIn for sales or recruiting, then it’s probably the best LinkedIn prospecting software on the market.
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